Monday, April 9, 2007

Welcome to the "On the Job" blog

Welcome, everyone, to this blog about issues in the workplace. It is a natural offshoot of my nationally syndicated workplace column “On the Job” for Gannett News Service and USA

I’ve always believed that knowledge is power, and we’ve all got something to share that can help others. Have a co-worker who is getting on your last nerve? Tell about it and then let others share how they confronted a similar problem and dealt effectively with it. Want to ask for a raise but don’t know how to do it? We’ll try and give you the skills you need to successfully bring home some extra bacon. Need some advice to recover from losing a job? There are plenty of folks who have been in your shoes and we’ll be there to keep you going until that next great opportunity comes along.

I think we’ll have plenty of lively discussions, lots of ideas and opinions about work today and how we can best do our jobs. I’ll write about different topics from time to time, as I believe my most important task is to keep you armed with information that will help you earn more money, be more successful, be more satisfied and lose weight (OK, so maybe not that).


Anonymous said...

I've been at my job for 13 months and watched this lady(if you can call her that) bully every one in the store including the store Manager and Co Manager. I worked with her over 10 years ago briefly at another store and it was the same thing there. Only they got rid of her pretty quickly back then. But, now my boss is spineless so the whole store is basically walking on egg shells around her.
She has bashed everyone at least once, according to her, shes working with a store full of Idiots and our Managment has told us to just do what she sais because he doesn't want to deal with her.
I recently stood up for myself to her and she was shocked. I watched the blood drain from her face and thought I was going to see her completley combust!! So, you got it, she really has it in for me now. Today, she tried to bump me as she passed by me in the aisle and I moved away out of instinct for my own safety. But, I'm done. Tomorrow I'm calling HR and hopefully, they will do something about it. I can't sleep at night, I feel sick to my stomach every day. It's all wearing on me and I have a problem concentrating at work. I'm having series anxiety and just plain tired of everyone being bullied by her.

Anita said...

I hope you don't mind, but I believe this post would be better under "Is any job worth a bad boss" on Oct. 1, 2008. You'll find my response there.