Friday, May 11, 2007

Help...I'm in a meeting and can't get out!

Rambling, disorganized meetings seem to be frustrating quite a few workers these days.

According to the aptly named "Ouch Point" survey by Opinion Research USA, some 27 percent of people polled said they were frustrated with disorganized meetings, followed by 17 percent who griped they were fed up with people in meetings who interrupt their peers and try to hog the limelight. And those ringing cell phones? Sixteen percent said those were an irritant, although only 5 percent reported Blackberries drove them crazy when used during a meeting.

Other sources of annoyance during meetings: people who fall asleep; no bathroom breaks; long sessions withhout refresments; people leaving early or arriving late; meetings starting late and no written recap of the outcome.

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Anonymous said...

You know what my biggest pet peeve is with meetings? The people who talk just to hear themselves talk. They don't contribute anything new. They just hash over the same old stuff, just to try and impress the boss. Our meetings would be over in half the time if these brown-nosers would just shut up.

Anonymous said...

One of the smartest things we did at my work was not allow anyone to sit down in a meeting. Now, instead of an hour, our meetings average about twenty mintues each. Amazing how quickly you can get out of there when your feet start to hurt.