Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy and Laughing at Work

I spend much of my time listening to people gripe about their jobs and their bosses.

That’s why when I had two surveys land on my desk that show – gasp! – that not only are some people happy at work but – double gasp! – think their bosses have a good sense of humor – I knew that either I’d fallen down the rabbit hole or things weren’t really as bad as sometimes portrayed.

I decided that there’s no better way to start the work week than to cite some positive statistics about the workplace, so here goes:

1. You think your boss is funny. Some 87 percent of workers polled said their supervisors have a good sense of humor, which is good thing since a whopping majority (97 percent) of professionals said they thought it was important for managers to have a good sense of humor.
2. Most of you are happy at work. And if you live in the West, are married and Hispanic, you’re more likely to be content.

So, while I get plenty of letters and e-mail from people griping that their boss is an ogre and their workplace is one of the seven levels of hell, it’s nice to know some of you are happy – and laughing with the boss along the way.

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