Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brand You: A Free Telesummit for Those Seeking to Help Their Careers

I cannot believe it is the last Tuesday of October. When I was a kid, it seemed like time moved so slowly. I waited forever for summer break to arrive, I waited forever to get my driver’s license and I waited forever to get my ears pierced. Now that I’m older, it seems time flies much too quickly – didn’t we just celebrate the Fourth of July?

Ah, well, what better way to send off the month than with these parting tidbits….

Mark your calendars: On Nov. 8 you will have a unique opportunity to listen and learn from people who make it their business to help you with your career. The event, “A Brand You World Global Telesummit” will bring together speakers from 24 separate seminars that will focus on helping you manage your own career. The day-long seminar, in celebration of Tom Peters’ article on personal branding published in Fast Company 10 years ago, will be free and feature experts from the United States, France, Italy and Portugal. All you have to do is register for the event, and recordings will be available for those who can’t make it that day.
I’ll be part of the group discussing why employers appreciate those employees who understand and promote their personal brand, and how a personal brand can help you achieve success on the job. I’m scheduled to be the lead-off person at 10 a.m. EST, so I hope you find time to listen.
Check out the other speakers and remember that you’re basically being offered a chance to help your career and learn a thing or two from some well-regarded and highly-successful people that are willing to share what they know with you. I know that I still have a lot left to learn and after my session is done I plan to sit back and be a part of the audience.

In case you were wondering: Nobody likes conflict at work, but a new study shows that Americans are a lot more optimistic than East Asians about the chances of successfully resolving disputes on the job. And they're a lot more willing to join work teams that have a high potential for inter-personal conflict.
“Americans were more likely to join a talented team with a high potential for relationship conflicts," said Jeffrey Sanchez-Burke, a University of Michigan researcher. "East Asians avoid joining these kinds of groups – for them, the potential for turmoil trumps technical talent.”
The findings strengthen previous research showing that Americans tend to view the personal dimension as less important in work settings than East Asians do, the researchers said. This attitude is part of what Sanchez-Burks has termed “Protestant Relationship Ideology,” a tendency among Americans to approach getting the job done by playing down the social-emotional and relationship aspects of the work process.

Eddie Munster, anyone? “While some people can't resist the prospect of wearing a costume on Halloween while performing daily work tasks, others would rather dress for business as usual,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “And even though the young-at-heart employee might see it as the perfect time to express creativity through an elaborate get-up, it's best to fully consider whether the witty garb is innocuous enough to make every co-worker smile or if some might deem it offensive.
According to the National Retail Federation, 33.8% of adults plan to dress in costume for Halloween this year. And there's a good chance many of them will be dressing up in the office: A CareerBuilder.com survey in 2005 found that almost one-third of workers planned to wear a costume to work that year.
This year's popular choices for adult costumes include traditional Halloween favorites such as witches, pirates, vampires, cats and princesses, according to the federation. Also high on the list: characters from ‘Star Wars,’ doctors and athletes.”




The SMARTSTART Coach said...

Hey Anita!

I was thrilled to see you are participating in the telesummit along with many other folks I know. I'm positive it's going to be a fantastic event so I'm promoting the hell out of it for you all!

Linda M. Lopeke
SMARTSTART: Success-to-go for people working @ the speed of life!

Anita said...

Thanks, Linda! It should be a terrific event...we're aiming for 100,000 listeners, and you are helping us do that by spreading the word.