Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm in Oprah's Magazine!

Just wanted to tell you to keep your eyes peeled for the January issue of "O", The Oprah Magazine, because I'm in it! I was interviewed about how to make your career better, and I'm very excited that I not only was included, but my book, "45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy" was mentioned.

When hearing I would be in the magazine, one of my sisters immediately e-mailed me: "If you're going to be on Oprah's show, I want to go...and I'd like it to be the one with Oprah's favorite things where she gives away a lot of free stuff." Sorry, sis, I doubt that will happen. (But if it did, you'd have to grovel a lot more than that because I still remember the time you threw my favorite Barbie onto the roof of our house...)

Still, I'm thrilled to be in the magazine, where I've heard it sometimes takes two years of work by public relations people to have a client be included in an issue. I simply got a call one day from a reporter for the magazine. When I asked her how she found out about my book, she said that an O editor had received the book, and kept it because she liked it. Wow. Guess it really is sometimes that simple!

On another note, please check out my new "career links" on this website's homepage. I spent some time trying to beef up the list of resources, and hope you'll find it helpful. I want to thank my technical team for their efforts in helping me put this together.

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