Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best Bets for 2008

I didn't get around to this week's Tidbit Tuesday because (duh) it was Christmas and I was busy spending time with my family and cleaning up dog barf from my Golden Retriever who ate half a bag of Peppermint Patties. (And just for the record, I will never eat Peppermint Patties again.)

So, I'm doing a Tidbit Thursday, which doesn't sound as catchy but will nevertheless be just as riveting:

* Hand me that wrench: In ranking the best careers for 2008, U.S. News and World Report dropped 25 profiled careers from its 2007 list and added 11 new ones. The story says that the best careers include some blue-collar jobs such as a firefighter or hairstylist, and government jobs, which always have the "luxury of continually paying employees well."

* Grandpa didn't sleep well, either: It's estimated that emloyees who are sleepy on the job cost the national economy about $100 billion annually in lost productivity, are more prone to absenteeism and accidents, and have higher stress and lower creativity. A new study may explain that insomnia, often blamed on job and life stress, also has another cause: a family history.
According to a new study, individuals with current or past insomnia were significantly more likely to report a family history of insomnia than were good sleepers who had never experienced insomnia in the past.
It's estimated that about 30 percent of adults have symptoms of insomnia, with most needing between seven and eight hours of sleep a night to feel rested.

* Rockin' job and good books: The New York Post profiled the real School of Rock dude that the move was loosely based on. Think you have it in you to teach the next Van Halen? Check out what Paul Green has to say about his job.
And, while I'm on the subject of the Post, let me direct your attention to a list it has compiled of their Top 10 picks for 2007's "notable career success books". On the top of the list is ... drum roll (And the other nine listed are pretty darn good, too.)


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