Thursday, December 6, 2007

What I Know For Sure

For months I have been anticipating the January issue of Oprah's "O" Magazine, because I was to be included in an article, with a mention of my book.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that I was in the DECEMBER issue of the magazine! Of course I'm still thrilled, just having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I flipped through that magazine (twice) while standing in line at various stores, and never saw it. (You can check it out here.)

Looking back, did my life change dramatically being in that magazine? No, I can't say that it did. But as I was reading Oprah's article about the thing she knows for sure (a regular feature), I came up with a few of my own:

* There always will be whiners at work. Doesn't matter how much they're paid, how good the boss is to them, how supportive their co-workers are, they're always going to find something to whine about.

* Copy machines work best when you slap them around a bit. Computers, not so much.

* On the day you're having bad hair, need to lose 10 pounds and have a pimple in the middle of your forehead the size of a dinner plate, you will be in an elevator -- alone -- with the CEO of your company for 15 floors.

* There are days when you work from home that you secretly wish you were back in the office. You want to wear power suits, eat lunch out and complain with co-workers about how you wish you were working from home (not).

* When all else fails, blame your Internet service provider. "I didn't get that e-mail you sent! You didn't get my report?! Darn it! I'm going to have to switch servers!" This is the modern-day version of "the dog ate my homework." No one can really disprove it, and most have -- or will -- use the excuse one day.

* Incompetence rises to the top. Sort of like algae. But talent also rises to the top, helping to dilute the morons who do it all wrong and get rewarded for it. You get to choose which path you'll take to the top. Keep in mind that morons usually self-destruct at some point, winding up being indicted by a grand jury or selling fishing charters for $7 an hour in some tropical port under an alias.

* I'm glad to have a job. I know that family and friends and good health are important, but anyone who has been without a job knows that having one is a heck of a lot better than NOT having one. Sure, I complain about work like most people. It stresses me out, depresses me at times and there are days I think longingly of that fishing charter business. Still, I'm glad to have my job because it also makes me happy, keeps me on my toes, challenges me and allows me to meet people doing something I love. That, I know for sure.



Anonymous said...

The reason I read this blog is because it's so informative and helpful, not to mention downright funny at times! Keep up the good work!

Anita said...

Gee...thanks! Hope you'll keep visiting and let me know if you'd like to see any other subjects covered in this blog.

thomsinger said...

Congrats on the O Magazine thing. December or January....that is still WAY COOL.


Anita said...

Thanks...being in that magazine is cool...that is something else I know for sure!!

Anonymous said...

I think we should start a campaign to get you in O Magazine every month! More folks out there could use your direct, supportive and often humorous advice. I know you keep me thinking.

Anita said...

Anytime you want to be my campaign manager for that, just let me know! I appreciate the nice words....thank you.