Friday, October 3, 2008

Have Your Ever Wondered If Ashton Kutcher is Hiding Around the Corner at Work?

Have you ever been at work, and you think you have perhaps fallen into another dimension? That maybe Ashton Kutcher is going to show up and explain that you've been punked -- that what you're going through isn't really, well... real?

Unfortunately, we're not celebrities, and the bizarre things we end up doing at work are not practical jokes. Let's look at some of the....

Things That Were Not in My Job Description:

1. Smelling the boss's breath to make sure it's not "too garlicky" before meeting with a client.
2. Looking at a co-worker's photos of him cutting his child's umbilical cord.
3. Entertaining a customer's 3-year-old who asks "why" every 25 seconds and wants to know what dirt it made of.
4. Cleaning out the microwave where some idiot left the remains of an exploded bean burrito.
5. Listening to a co-worker describe her wedding plan, complete with PowerPoint, flow chart and Excel spreadsheet.
6. Participating in the annual pep rally kickoff for a community campaign that involves cheers and wearing a really stupid hat.
7. Fixing a broken office chair with a paperclip and Dentyne.

What are some other things you've been asked to do at work that are not in your job description?


Fairy Tales and Fireflies said...

Sing a duet with a co-worker while dressed as a clown at an event we were hosting. Yep. That's me.

Also, some of my co-workers had to dress as Oompa Loompas for the next year's conference. Thank God I was out on maternity leave at that point.

Anita said...

Fairy Tales and Fireflies,
A pregnant Oompa Loompa...that would have really been a sight!
Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

How about being asked by a boss to always buy the birthday cake for someone in the office. Like he's genetically incapable of picking up a stupid cake?

Anita said...

I'll bet there are a lot of people who can identify with that well as being asked to buy presents, or pick up lunch, etc., without ever returning the favor.
Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

It's been several years since I've worked in Corporate America. Thank God I work for myself these days. I put up with none of these things.

I work in the peace and quiet of my home!

Anita said...

You are indeed lucky! But, then again, it gives you some great stories to share at parties!:)