Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Salute to Great Bloggers

I had never heard of the "Premio Dardos" award until Robyn McMaster told me she had given it to me. While I'm disappointed this doesn't involve being given an award made of chocolate, I am still excited that someone as smart and "brainy" as Robyn thought this blog worthy of recognition.

According to the rules of the Premio Dardos ("prize darts" in Italian), I am supposed to pass it along to 15 other great bloggers in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values in the form of creative and original writing.

When I did a little research, I've learned that a lot of terrific blogs have already been recognized, so I'm going to try and mention a few that may not have received this award yet. If you've already gotten the award, then let this be a message from me that you do great work.

My list of bloggers, in no particular order:

1. Career Diva by Eva Tahmincioglu
2. What Would Dad Say by G.L. Hoffman
3.Keppie Careers by Miriam Salpeter
4. JibberJobber by Jason Alba
5. No Assembly Requiredby Thom Singer
6. Plant Whatever Brings You Joy by Kathryn Hall
7. The Urban Muse by Susan Johnston
8.Water Cooler Wisdomby Alexandra Levit
9. Cube Rulesby Scot Herrick
10. Career Encouragement
11. Evil HR Lady
12. Cranky Middle Managerby Wayne Turmel
13. Life@Workby Heather Mundell
14. Pongo Resume
15. Dr. Judith Orloff

I've been greatly inspired by these blogs, and hope you are, too. To my "Premium Dardos" recipients, I promise next time there will be chocolate. For now, take a bow.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm humbled by inclusion in this august body. Not enough to make me less cranky (after all, I work on a PC so that's a chronic condition) but it does help. Of course,your own work is terrific as always. Don't let the weasels get you down.
Wayne "The Cranky Middle Manager" Turmel

Anonymous said...

Anita - I am so honored! Thanks very much for thinking of me! Your blog helped inspire me when I entered the blogosphere (and continues to do so), so I am really thrilled to be on your list.

I think this may be better than chocolate! :-)

Anita said...

I always feel better knowing you're leading the charge against those weasels. :)

Anita said...

I've admired how hard you've worked to get your blog going, and to really be a part of the conversation in a meaningful way. As for it being better than chocolate, it's clear you still have a thing or two to learn...:D

Anonymous said...

Anita, you made my day! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us a shout.

PS - I got to go to a chocolate party over the weekend, and this is better. :)

Anita said...

You do a great job on the blog and in your books. Here's to your continued success!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Anita, I am so touched and proud and pleased as punch to be included in this fabulous list. Thank you so very very much for including me. Duly humbled and honored. Kathryn xoxo

Anita said...

A lot of the blogs I list are career blogs, but I also wanted to include yours because I feel it's just the thing so many people need to bring balance to their lives. Right now, careers and the workplace are so stressful, and your blog is like taking a deep breath of something really wonderful. I know everyone will enjoy it.

Susan Johnston Taylor said...

Thanks so much for including me, Anita! It's always great to be recognized by a peer.

Anonymous said...

Anita! Thanks very much for including us on the list. We're honored to be part of a solid group of expert commentators.

CareerDiva said...

glad someone is reading. ;-) thanks!

Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

Anita, best I can do at this point is to send you some virtual chocolates - which are by the way, less fattening.

Once you honor others as you have, you really have no idea at how many others this award will touch. Its ripples just keep moving out. That's the beauty.

I love the image you chose for your awards post. It's so fitting to give others a real bow as you have.

Thanks again for naming these outstanding bloggers for the Primio Dardos awards.

Anita said...

Once again, my thanks for giving me the award. It was great fun passing it along, and I think helped inspire a lot of people to pay it forward. What can be better than that?