Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A First for My Website

I've started something new today I've never before done on this blog or my website.

I'm now accepting advertising.

This wasn't an easy decision, and one I've avoided for years. As a journalist, I've always worried about a conflict of interest. I didn't want anyone to think I covered an issue or wrote about someone because they advertised on my site and I made money from the deal.

I also didn't want to let a third party decide what ads would be posted. I wanted to have some say about products touted in any ads on my site.

Usually I just say "no" to ad requests, but I began to see that this was a short-sighted approach. There are plenty of worthwhile services, organizations and individuals with something to offer the readers of this blog.

So, now I will accept ads -- but they will be approved by me, first. (This means you will not see ads for overnight miracle cures.)

If you're interested in learning more, click on the "advertise on 45 things" link on the top of my blog page and it will lead you through the process.

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