Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 Ways to Develop New Job Leads

"Tell everyone you know you're looking for work" is a common refrain from career experts to job seekers.

So, the job seeker goes on Twitter or Facebook and says, "I'm looking for a job." That task completed, the person then moves onto something a little less stressful, like trying to make the perfect margarita or catching up on fantasy baseball.

For those of you with this job strategy, let me just tell you it's going to be a very long job search for you. While social networking is important, you still need to tell "everyone" you're looking for work. And, the more personal contact you have, the better.

That's why I'm going to take away your excuses that you don't know who else to contact. Here are some people you need to let know that you're available, you're talented and you need a job:

1. Your banker. Who wants you to succeed more than the person who wants to hold onto your money? If you're not employed, your bank account is going to shrink. That's bad news in a banker's book. Let him or her know that you're in the market for a new job.

2. Drag out your holiday list and let Aunt Bessie and second-cousin Ronald know that you're searching for work. It doesn't matter if he or she is in another city -- spread the news far and wide.

3. Break open the high-school yearbook. Look for contacts you might be missing on Facebook or Twitter. Call the mothers of these former classmates -- they can help you locate missing classmates who may have gotten married and changed their names.

4. Look for busy companies. Drive around your community and look for businesses or areas that appear to have lots of customers. Make a list and then do your research on those businesses. What can you offer them to help them handle their business and grow it even more?

5. Join new groups. Sign up for exercise or cooking classes where you can get to know new people and develop new leads. Gyms near busy office buildings are often a good bet -- employees from nearby businesses often use these facilities before and after work, or during their lunch hour. Groups of co-workers often sign up for cooking classes, or to volunteer at the local food bank -- that gives you a chance to do good for your community and network.

What are some other ways to develop new job leads?



Barbara Safani said...

Hi Anita,

I also recommend that job seekers talk to their accountant, doctor, dentist, and lawyer. All of these professionals are connected to tons of other people.

ralph@fitness clubs near me said...

You can still find job leads from the paper and through the net which is much easier.