Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Beat the Sunday Night Blues

Lots of people get the Sunday night blues, even if they love their jobs. There's just something about the thought of getting up early on Monday, facing traffic, dealing with a blizzard of e-mails and attending yet another meeting that can turn even the best weekend a little blue.

But I happened upon something I think can help, and all it takes is two minutes of your time on Sunday night.

Send someone an e-mail that begins with these words: "Thank you."

This does not have to be some big, hairy deal that rivals an Academy Award speech. In fact, keep it to less than 50 words or it doesn't count.

Just write something like: "Thank you for the time you spent last week explaining how to run the new copier. I appreciate it."

Or, "Thank you for considering my application for training in your department."

Even "Thank you for not laughing when I walked into the meeting dragging toilet paper on my shoe."

It doesn't have to be a big deal. But when this person arrives for work on Monday morning, your simple thank you note is going to make a difference.

When they dribble a latte down the front of a new blouse, when the boss screams he can't find the report when it's sitting on his desk, when a colleague begins clipping his toenails ....well, your appreciation is going to make a difference.

And doesn't that banish the Sunday night blues just a bit?

Any tips you can offer others on being more recharged to face Monday morning?


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Shinedd said...

You can watch a nice movie while you are dinking a hot tea for a good sleep.