Tuesday, September 13, 2011

5 Bad Twitter Habits

I'll admit that when Twitter first started I thought it was a blast. I met lots of nice, cool people, who recommended great music, made me laugh and offered insights that made me stop and think.

But lately I find myself not so intrigued. So, I thought about the things that drive me nuts on Twitter, and here's my list of Twitter habits that drive me crazy:

1. Just posting links. If you're going to offer some industry news, at least put in a little comment like: "I really agree with this" or "this is just stupid" or something that shows you're more than a droid posting content.

2. Nothing on bodily fluids. I've mentioned this before, but some of you are not paying attention.

3. Don't always use the automatic "tweet" button on a blog post or story. Sometimes these tweets are boring, stupidly written and offer no incentive to pay attention. If you can craft something more intriguing, do it and then give a link.

4. Stop being repetitive. Don't post "Check out my free e-book" 10 times straight. When I'm trying to decide whether to follow you, I check out your tweets. A page of "Check out my free e-book" is not only uninteresting, but a reason for me to block you. Because I know it's only a matter of time before you send me a direct message that says, "Check out my free e-book."

5. Avoid a lot of abbreviations. Seriously, people, I know what BFF means and ROTFL....but anything I have to struggle to interpret....I don't. If you're using a bunch of insider jargon, be prepared that you limit your audience. That's fine if that is your intention, but if you're trying to expand your effort, you may turn some people away. Like me, who has no idea what RUYT means, nor do I care.

What other Twitter habits should be dropped?


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