Tuesday, November 29, 2011

6 Gift Ideas for Colleagues

Since I know many of you are shopping online this week (wink, wink, our little secret), I thought I'd help with the process regarding what to get your colleagues or valuable customers. Here are some ideas I thought might make nice gifts:

* Steve Job's autobiography. At $17.87 on Amazon, that's a nice read for any entrepreneur-at-heart in your office.

* Cookies. I mean, who doesn't like cookies? Anyone? Some of my favs are Mrs. Fields, or as she's known around our house, "Debbie." For a dozen cookies, it will cost you about $30.

* Plants. I usually don't kill plants (mostly because I leave them alone and let them do their thing), but if you've got someone in your office who believes coffee is great for a dieffenbachia, you might want to try plants that supposedly can't be killed. For about $40 you can treat a valued workmate to this.

* Who doesn't need a nice journal to carry to a conference or into a meeting? This one is a great size, makes you look like a serious grownup and you can't beat the price of $14 at Staples.

* If you've got someone in your office who is a real road warrior, you might consider giving travel-size items that can be easily toted through security. Burt's Bees offers smaller size lotions that can be stowed in a carry-on or a desk drawer. And with prices starting at less than $2, it's sure to fit anyone's budget.

* Got a wacky office mate? Why not consider one of these fun hats from Target? Who doesn't need a warm hat with a built-in beard or a snoopy dog knit hat for $14.99?

I know times are tight and you may not have the budget to get something for everyone in your office. But you know what? Sometimes a warm "happy holidays and thanks for all you do" is the best gift anyone can receive.

By the way, feel free to add suggestions or tell me about the best gift you ever received from someone in your office.



Jenn Simpson said...

Why not try to give even a cheap piece that may be a memorable item. Using creativity would help you put a little glam to those simple gifts. Jenn Simpson

Helping You Hire said...

At my work holiday party, we did white elephant and there were some good gift ideas I would like to share: a cozy soft blanket & hot chocolate, a coffee mug filled with lotto tickets, wine, movie tickets & popcorn. :)