Monday, November 14, 2011

Could You Start a Fire With Your Multitasking?

Anyone who multitasks say they do so because they're good at it. That's right before they find their car keys in the refrigerator and realize they've sent a naughty text to the boss instead of a significant other.

Believe me, I understand. If I didn't multitask, how else would I be able to get anything done? Does it really matter that I've almost burned down the house a couple of times while making scrambled eggs...and then deciding to check email while watering a dying plant on my desk?

But research clearly shows how multitasking not only hurts the quality of our work, but the connections with make with other people. We actually don't get more done.

Not to mention, sometimes our multitasking is kind of stupid. Watch this hilarious scene from the television show "Frasier" to see how silly our efforts really are....

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