Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Can Your Still Be Friends When You Become the Boss?

One thing that makes life bearable at work is being able to work with people you really like, people whom you consider friends.

Then comes the day when your boss tells you that you’ve been named the manager over the people who have seen you tipsy on strawberry margaritas. These are the people you count on to tell you there is spinach stuck in your teeth before a meeting and give you a heads up when the office bore is headed your way.

And now you’re supposed to boss them around?

Your first thought may be that you can make this work. After all, the people who are really your friends will stay your friends even if your title changes, right?

Well, in a word…no.

While they may initially tell you they’re thrilled you got the job, the reality is they may be less than joyous the first time you offer performance feedback or – gasp! – criticize something they do. All this can set off feelings of jealousy, betrayal, bitterness and lots of snark around ... (read the rest here)

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