Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to Get the Boss to Listen to You

Have you ever offered your boss feedback?
OK, let me rephrase that. Have you ever offered your boss feedback and lived to tell the tale?
It’s not easy to talk to a boss about why you believe she bombed with a client or how she could improve her communication style.  It could be that you get the message loud and clear that the boss doesn’t want your opinion, or it could be that you’re afraid offering feedback could jeopardize your own job.
But if done correctly, offering feedback to the boss can not only help her meet her goals, but also help your own career as you become seen as a trusted voice.
Still, it’s sort of a high-wire act, because taking one wrong step can plunge you into the abyss.
If you want to give the boss feedback, here are some things to consider:
  1. Gauge the relationship. If your boss makes a third world dictator look like a pussycat, it’s probably best to zip it and not try and offer any feedback. If, however, the boss is known to keep an open mind and listens to others, then you can offer some opinions.
  2. Establish trust. Just as you’re more likely to welcome feedback from someone you trust, the same is true for your boss. Have you shown (read more here)

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