Friday, August 31, 2012

How to Handle Your Career Stress

Five years ago you may have laughed if someone told you that you would not only take on twice your current workload, but be happy about it – and be willing to take a pay cut. Or, you may have thought someone was pulling your leg to tell you that your Ivy League education would net you a 20-hour-a-week temp job with no benefits and have you living at home with your parents.
The world we envisioned before the Great Recession may be quite different than the existence we have today. All of us, in some form or another, have undergone great changes in our lives – sometimes because there was no other choice.
But if there is one bright side to our upheaval it is that we’ve learned to handle change. Well, some of us have. Others are still under a great deal of stress as their brains try to assimilate this new reality of a rocky economy and uncertain job market.
If you’re still having sleepless nights, fighting more with your significant other or just unwilling to get out of bed every day, it would be that you need find ways to embrace the change in your life. Here are some suggestions to get you on the road to less stress and a new future:
1. Start with “maybe.” Instead of categorizing the boss as a horse’s behind because he gave you a difficult project, look at it as, “Maybe the boss gave me this job because he knows he can trust me to do a good job.” Or, maybe the new accounting system will save you time in the long run, even though it means more training in the beginning.
2. Put it in black and white. Instead of tossing and turning at night as you fret (read more here)

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