Friday, September 21, 2012

How To Help Your Team Come Up with Brilliant Ideas

If someone looked you in the eye and said, “You have 10 minutes to come up with the most creative, most breakthrough idea this industry has ever seen” you might be tempted to laugh in that person’s face.
After all, you’re lucky to remember to feed the dog after the long days you put in at work, let alone the hours you log at home. Come up with a breakthrough, brilliant idea? Who has the brainpower to do that these days?
Yet companies are depending on workers to come up with the innovative ideas needed to keep them competitive and thriving into the next decade. But anyone who has been forced into a brainstorming session and ordered to submit creative ideas knows the agony of forcing a process that seems more like a punishment rather than as a way to help a company’s bottom line.
“The problem is that the idea of innovation has sort of become the flavor of the month,” says Bryan W. Mattimore. “Even ideas about letting employees have 10 percent of their time to innovate or let them use ‘innovation rooms’ have failed.”
Instead, companies are now grasping the idea that they need to do more than “check off a box” that they have innovative practices, and really look at how they can get innovative ideas to the marketplace, much as Apple has done, he says.
Mattimore, president and co-founder of The Growth Engine Co. LLC, has helped companies like Sony, IBM and Pepsi come up with breakthrough ideas, (read more here)

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