Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Negotiate a Salary

If you’ve just been offered a new job, you probably feel very fortunate to be one of those people who will no longer have to spend endless hours surfing job sites or supplying perky Twitter updates to garner some attention from a recruiter.
But now you’re about to take on one of the most difficult tasks in this job search journey: Negotiating a salary.
What? You’re willing to take whatever they give you? You’renot good at negotiations? You don’t want to risk the new job by asking for too much?
Forget those doubts. If you don’t negotiate, you may be jeopardizing your future with the company and the trajectory of your career in the decades to come.
That’s because your skills at negotiating will not only impress your new employer, but it’s expected. If you don’t haggle a bit, they’re going to wonder what sort of nincompoop they’re hiring.
Also, the salary you negotiate now will be the one chance you have to set yourself up for better salary boosts at this company and your income at future employers. Bungle this now, and you’re likely to pay for it in the rest of your career as no one is going to be willing to give you a huge pay boost to make up for undervaluing yourself now.
So how do you negotiate the right salary for a new job? Follow these tips:
1. Do your homework. Before your first interview, you should have done research on comparable salaries. If you haven’t done so, do it now.  Sites like Vault and PayScale offer salary information on thousands of jobs, but you should also use your network to ask about (read more here)

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