Friday, October 19, 2012

How You Can Help Your Career Even When You're Not at Work

After putting in your hours at work with the colleague who eats pork rinds all day long and the boss who constantly hums off-key show tunes, the last thing you may want to do is spend your after-work hours with such people.
So when you’re given advice to sign up for the company’s community 5k run or Saturday morning at the local food bank, you may respond with something that cannot be printed here.
Relax. Attending such events is a not an international human rights violation, but rather a way to enhance your career.
How? If you’re seen as someone who is supportive of company efforts after hours, it can not only boost your standing with your boss, but with the boss’s boss. In today’s hyper-connected and politically correct world, there are some companies that won’t do business with those that are not demonstrating corporate responsibility. So when the head honchos see you putting in efforts toenhance the company’s community standing, that’s a big plus for you.
Also, your visible support of the employer makes the boss much more willing to invest her energies and resources in you. In other words, she sees you going above and beyond the call of duty by showing up at the event, so she is willing to do the same for your career.
In addition, it’s not every day that you are given a chance to rub elbows with company leaders, and such community events are likely to put bosses in a more benevolent frame of mind. What better time to chat with the CEO and cast yourself in a positive light?
Community events also offer you a chance to get to know co-workers better. You might just learn that the pork-rind fiend is really (read more here)

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