Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How Introverts Can Harness Social Collaboration

If you’re someone who considers yourself an introvert, workplaces today are probably a big pain in the behind.
Open concept floor plans, collaboration areas and even a coffee shop smack dab in the middle of the office generates lots of noise, commotion, interactions and all the other stuff that wears down an introvert and plays havoc with concentration.
But there is a way that introverts can harness the new workplace to their advantage so that they can still work in a way that plays to their need for more quiet and introspection, but still meets the demand for constant collaboration.
Among the ways introverts can succeed:
  • By embracing social media. While you may have no problem posting updates to your family and friends on Facebook, branchout and reach colleagues or others in your industry through various social media networks. Try to set a goal of responding to at least three tweets a day from those in your company or joining at least one LinkedIn or Google+ discussion daily.  Such networking allows you to choose the times you feel like interacting.
  • Letting your caring side show. Introverts often are seen as standoffish to others, so if you’re not comfortable expressing sentiments to a co-worker in person (“I really appreciate your help with that project”), send an email. This can help break the ice so that when you need to collaborate in person, the colleague feels more comfortable with you.
  • Allowing colleagues in on your thoughts. Intranets and private social networks offer a chance for you to show off your brilliance at being thorough and well-prepared. It’s often difficult for introverts to sound off in meetings because they’re not comfortable with off-the-cuff remarks.  If you find yourself in this situation, you can use the company’s internal communication to share your knowledge or answer questions after a meeting. This shows (read more here)

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