Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Develop More Confidence in Your Creativity

Think back to when you were in kindergarten and you’ll probably agree you were a creative kid. Whether it was building a Batmobile from toilet paper rolls or performing a one-act play you wrote with your dog, you displayed creativity freely and abundantly.

But fast-forward to your professional life now, and you may no longer believe you are creative. For whatever reason, creativity didn’t stick with you.
That’s a crock, Tom Kelley says.
Kelley, along with his brother, David, are creativity experts. Their firm, IDEO, designed the first mouse for Apple along with the first laptop, and the company has won numerous innovation awards.
Tom Kelley says you don’t lose creativity, but you can become less confident about it. Instead of fostering and developing it, you focus on other abilities. Before long, you see yourself as someone who simply isn’t the creative type and you let others propose innovative ideas.
“People do have a fear of being judged,” he says.
After some 100 interviews for their book, “Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All,” Kelley says he and his brother firmly believe creativity resides in all of us.
He says if we want to remain competitive in business and excel in our careers, we need to rediscover it because “being creative helps you become more confident and more resilient,” he says. “You learn perseverance.”
Once we do tap into that creativity, then it’s time to learn to put those ideas into action, because “having the courage to do so is at least as important as the idea itself,” he says.
But how do we tap into that creativity within us? Here are some ideas they offer in cultivating a creative spark:
  1. Choose creativity. Stop squashing that little kid inside of you. Make a commitment to decide you want to revive your innovative voice.
  2. Think like a traveler. Stop being oblivious to your (read more here)

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