Friday, March 21, 2014

How to Get New Workers to Love Your Company

You know those cool perks you offer employees like free food? Well, guess what?
Your new employees are not impressed.
A new survey from BambooHR of 1,000 employees who quit a job after six months finds that less than 1% of them say such perks would keep them from leaving.
What new workers want the most – and will keep them with an employer longer – is on-the job-training and mentorship, the research shows.
More than three-fourths (76%) of new workers agree that if they’re to get up to speed quickly and start contributing, they need on-the job training. No. 2 on their list is a buddy or mentor requested by 37% of new workers, followed by 28% who say an employee handbook is helpful.
The survey also finds that 43% say that time and money are wasted on ineffective onboarding processes (most thought at least $10,000 a year is wasted), while 15% of respondents say that poor onboarding is enough to make them consider leaving a job.
“This research emphasizes the notion that companies cannot (read more here)

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Will Truex said...

We've found this too at my company. Free food only goes so far, if it even travels at all.