Monday, May 5, 2014

How to Make Your Presentations Much, Much Better

Everyone can give a fantastic presentation.
Not so, you may think. You’ve seen plenty of horrible ones, and may even believe that it’s something you’re only so-so at doing. (If you’re being completely honest, you may even admit your last presentation sucked.)
That’s OK, right? Everyone has their gifts, and for some people, presenting an idea to a bunch of strangers or co-workers isn’t one of them.
But that’s the wrong attitude to take, especially since effective presentations are so critical when it comes to moving up the career ladder, no matter your job.
Dan Roam, author of “Show and Tell: How Everybody Can Make Extraordinary Presentations,” may be finally able to break you free from presentation jitters and propel you into the world of great speakers and presenters.
The first key, he says, is telling the truth. 
“There are a lot of people who are like snake-oil salesmen or deliver such crappy presentations we don’t believe a word they say,” Roam says.
But if you speak the truth as you know it – without spinning it or lying – then two-thirds of your worry over a presentation will evaporate, he says.
Another key is to simply tell a story, he says.
“It’s in our genetic code (read more here)

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