Tuesday, August 5, 2014

4 Annoying Habits of CEOs

I think I may scream if I see one more CEO on television touting his or her company and:

  • Using upspeak. "I think our sales will exceed expectations? Our customers seem to be loyal?" This sounds like the CEO isn't sure, or channeling a 13-year-old at the mall with friends.
  •  Being boring. I've seen company leaders talk about their products with the the enthusiasm of reading the dictionary.
  •  Not telling stories. No one wants to hear a CEO blab on and on in business jargon that would put an accountant to sleep. Let's hear some great stories about how employees came up with great solutions or why a new product is going to change my life.
  •  Talking in sound bites. I read the Internet. I watch television. A CEO who says the same thing, over and over, sounds rehearsed -- and a little lazy. It takes more work, but I want to hear a company leader coming up with new ways to inform and engage an audience.

I think the reason I care what a CEO sounds like it because there are hundreds -- if not thousands -- of employees who are depending on him or her to tell their story. If the CEO can't generate enthusiasm for what the company does, how can an employee be expected to do the same?

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