Monday, December 1, 2014

25 Business Cliches to Never Say Again

I just got back from my sister's farm in Oklahoma, and it was a wonderful break. I spent a lot of time with family, and just enjoying the peace and quiet of rural America. (But I didn't enjoy it as much as my sister's new bull, who had a really fun time with the lady cows.)

It was so nice to just talk with friends and family who didn't constantly pepper their conversations with "at the end of the day," "win-win" or "low-hanging fruit" that is part of the business jargon that is so overused these days.

So, in honor of my sister's new bull, let's declare theses cliches as the real bullsh**, and stop using them -- or at least try to cut back!

Here's my list, but feel free to offer your own suggestions:
1. Give 110%
2. Synergy
3. Push the envelope
4. Anything that calls for 2.0 or 3.0
5. Paradigm shift
6. Bandwidth (unless you're actually talking about, you know, bandwidth)
7. In our wheelhouse
8. Ah-mazing
9. Pivot
10. Drill down
11. Monetize
12. No brainer
13. Reach out
14. Data point
15. Transparency
16. Stakeholders
17. Circle back
18. ROI
19. Boots on the ground
20, Silos
21. Best-of-breed
22. Loop in
23. It is what it is
24. Skin in the game
25. Thought leader

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