Monday, February 16, 2015

How to Make Any Job Interview Pay Off

 It can be frustrating when you interview for a job and then aren't offered the position.

"What a waste of time," you think.

But it doesn't have to be.

That's because you can always learn from every interview, and taking the time after meeting with a hiring manager to sort of "debrief" yourself can provide valuable insight so that the next interview could be the one to nab you a job.

After every interview, take the time to think about:

  • What kind of questions were asked? Did the interviewer seem to have prepared questions that came from a form? Did the hiring manager question you about your personal thoughts and attitudes? How well did you do when highlighting your best traits? 
  • Did the interviewer focus on past jobs? How well did you explain the skills you used in each position or how you made a bottom-line difference for that organization?
  • Were you questioned repeatedly about certain weaknesses? Did you quickly redirect the conversation so that it focused on your strengths? 
  • Was the interviewer off-topic? Did the interviewer ask random questions? Were you still able to highlight your strengths or were you taken so off guard you didn't get to talk about key abilities?
  • Were you so comfortable with the interviewer it was like talking with an old friend? Could you have revealed too much personal information in that chat?
  • What might you have said that could work against you? Did you say anything that would be inconsistent with the organization's culture?  
No interview should be a waste of your time if you look at it as a learning experience. Honing your ability to promote yourself and your abilities is important in a job interview, but also throughout your career. So always look at an interview as a chance to grow skills that will pay off in the long term.


Todd Cardon said...

Practice makes perfect! Right? I like to compare preparing for an interview like preparing for a speech in front of a large audience. Although, it's not the same setting or format, the time and preparation for each one should take the same amount of time. Just work really hard and practice before you go in there.
Proper prior planning prevents poor performance!

Angel said...

Prepare for interview and make it pay off.We should get job on our confidence not by paying to company.