Monday, June 29, 2015

Being Too Casual Could Cost You at Work

As you work your way up the career ladder, it may be gratifying to know that your hard work has paid off. Your skills and experience are valued, and you feel that your career is on the right track.

Still, don't rest on your laurels. Right when you start to see your future become bright you could lose it all.


You wear yoga pants on casual Friday with the word "sweet" across the butt. You haven't washed your hair for more than a week, nor shaved in the last three days. You go out to lunch with your boss and sit with your feet propped up in your chair. You are always late to business meetings and spend most of the time checking your email or texting.

While some people may argue they work in a more casual environment and their looks and behavior aren't valued more than their skills, that's naive. The truth is that everyone is judged on their ability to conduct themselves in a way that won't offend others.

So, even though you wear leggings and a sweatshirt to work, is the boss assured that you won't do the same when meeting with an important, more conservative client? Or, can you eat like an adult while dining with a key customer or are you going to slump over your food and use your fork like a shovel?

Will others follow you if you show disrespect during a meeting and text during their presentation?

We've become much more casual in the workplace, and in a lot of ways that has led to more innovation and better communication. Still, make sure that your casual attitude doesn't show a side to your boss that will hurt your chances to advance.

What are some things you believe people do or say that hurt their professional image at work?


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