Tuesday, July 28, 2015

5 Signs Employees are Thinking About Leaving -- and What to Do About It

Managers know that disengaged workers are a problem, but they may not realize the truly big impact such workers have on the bottom line — and how much better engaged workers perform.

For example, disengaged workers cost their organizations an average of $3,400 every year for every $10,000 in annual salary, according to statisticsfrom McLean & Co. On the other hand, companies with highly engaged employees had an average three-year revenue growth of more than 20% compared to the average 9% revenue growth rate.

Further, an AON Hewitt study finds that organizations that actively managed employee engagement as compared to their counterparts during the economic downturn are now seeing dramatic and positive impacts to their revenue growth.

So, it’s clear that ignoring employees who become disengaged — or failing to take action quickly enough — can not only hurt a team, but an entire company. Here’s how to recognize the signs that employees are becoming disengaged and what to do about it.

Puts in Little Effort
This worker doesn't even meet minimal requirements and cares little for the job or the organization. He is likely to watch the clock and take long breaks.

The solution: Sit down with such employees and make sure the basics are being met. Does the employee have the right tools and resources to do the job? Are expectations clear? Gallup research shows that getting the basics right is often critical to engaging workers.

They Gossip
This is someone who isn’t looking for the good in anything or anyone. He sows seeds of discontent wherever he goes and is known to make snarky comments under his breath during meetings.

The solution: Try challenging this worker in a new way by cross-training him in another department or sending him to a learning event (read more here)

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