Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What Coders Need to Know for Career Success in 2016

Coding is the hot job of the near future, and the word is out. It's becoming more competitive and employers are raising the bar for jobs.
While there are thousands of job listings for programmers and coders on various job sites, the increasing number of people capable of filling those jobs means that those in the industry will have to up their game if they want to thrive in their careers in 2016.
First up: technical skills alone won't cut it any more.
Language skills — and we're not talking PYTHON — are crucial. For example, one employer looking for a coder has told headhunter David Klein to screen out resumes that are not written well, or ones that contain grammatical errors.
Klein, director of recruitment for KDS Staffing in New York, says that the employer is looking for coders and programmers who can “communicate well.”
Michael Choi, founder of Coding Dojo, says that employers “are doing more filtering,” (read more here)

photo: hccoders

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