Thursday, March 10, 2016

How to Get Exactly What You Want at Work

The world of business is one continuous negotiation, so if you don’t negotiate well you could damage your career, lose out on big opportunities for your organization and be thought of as weak and inept. Research shows, however, how anyone can negotiate better – and get more of what they want.
If you reach an agreement in a negotiation, you probably feel pretty terrific. That is, until you realize you didn’t get what you wanted. Not even close.
Now you’re not feeling so great.
You’re not alone if you feel defeated – instead of elated – after a negotiation. That’s because many people enter into negotiations without a plan and so they don’t emerge with what they’re really after.
Whether it’s a pay raise, a new customer contract or even a better role in a team project, there is a way to come out of a negotiation with better results for yourself, says Margaret A. Neale, author of “Getting More of What You Want” with co-author Thomas Z. Lys.
“The biggest mistake people make is that they look at negotiations as a one-size-fits-all,” Neale says. “But this is a battle, and you’ve got to have the mindset to get what you want.”
That means that just trying to wing it, or hoping the other person will be swayed by your charming personality or cave into your bullying, is a recipe for failure. Instead, Neale says that those who hope to negotiate successfully, no matter their job title or experience, need to understand that negotiations are really about (read more here)

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