Monday, August 1, 2016

3 Ways Bosses Can Boost Productivity of a Team

Companies that don't boot bad bosses to the curb or at least re-train them to be better bosses might want to pay attention to new research that shows good bosses -- unlike bad bosses -- boost productivity.

Kathryn Shaw of the Stanford Graduate School of Business found in a study of technology-based workers that that bosses have a "big effect" on productivity and the good ones keep workers more engaged and productive.

So what makes a good boss? Specifically, a case study of the Royal Bank of Canada found that traits of good bosses include:

1. Setting a vision. Employees understand where they fit in the company and the role they play in success.

2. Driving results. Good bosses ensure that teams and individuals are productive. They do this by teaching, coaching and motivating workers.

3. Managing output. These managers know how to keep daily work flow moving, but also help workers set and achieve career goals.

Finally, the research shows that the impact of good bosses lingers on an employee's performance, even if an employee goes to work for someone less motivating.

"A good boss can help an employee be more productive even after they no longer work for him," Shaw says. "This can be because the employee was taught something they can carry with them to another job."

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