Monday, July 31, 2017

Survey: Unhappy Workers = Unhappy Customers

Companies like Zappos often are seen as the standard bearers of the top-notch customer experience, but some companies trying to emulate them may find they fall short because they are missing a key component: an equally top-notch worker experience.
The issue of worker satisfaction being tied to customer satisfaction is drawing enough attention that earlier this year Appirio commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate “the maturing of worker experience across industries.” What researchers found may have companies re-evaluating how they approach the worker and customer experience connection.
Among the findings:
  • Business leaders agree that giving workers a good employee experience engages them to provide a better customer experience, which ultimately impacts the bottom line.
  • Most organizations are in the early stages of improving the worker experience. Organizations acknowledge they don’t know where to put their efforts to improve the worker experience or how to measure them once they do.
  • When asked to name potential worker experience improvements, the majority of managers named getting workers to share knowledge with colleagues and business partners, along with leaders supporting workers who find a better way to do their jobs. However, the leaders also selected a variety of other initiatives as priorities, a scattershot approach that shows they struggle to identify the drivers of a good worker experience.

Defining “worker experience”

Researchers define the worker experience as building a corporate infrastructure that “fosters worker productivity, engagement and agility” to ensure workers “can design, deliver (read more here)

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