Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Survey Reveals What CEO are Really Thinking About

Life would be much easier if you could read your CEO’s mind, wouldn’t it?
While that may not be possible, a new survey does shed light on what CEOs are thinking about every day, providing an insight into what your concerns and priorities should be now and in the future.
The survey by PwC of 1,379 CEOs around the world finds that these top leaders are confident about the prospects for business growth, with 38% of the CEOs responding that they’re optimistic about their company’s bottom line in the next year. Among American CEOs, 55% say that they’re looking for new M&A opportunities this year.
Still, that doesn’t mean CEOs aren’t concerned about remaining competitive, as the increasing globalization of business means they worry about economic uncertainty, overregulation and skills shortages.
 One of the ways that CEOs plan to stay competitive is through technology. Edward H. Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines Inc., says that “technology is our lifeblood. That’s our stream of innovation. That’s our R&D.”
Bastian says that because customers want to “be in more control of their experience,” technology is the way to make that happen.
Mark Fields, CEO of Ford Motor Co., agrees that technology is a game-changer for companies.
“I believe that there are a number of technologies that are going to change the way we live and work,” Fields says.
Tamara Ingram, CEO of J. Walter Thompson, says that while technology has “changed everything,” she believes that some things remain unaltered.
“What really remains the same is understanding and connecting human truth (read more here)

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