Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Do Others Have a Negative Opinion About You?

I've known many job candidates who cannot figure out why they didn't get the job after what they considered to be a great interview. I've also heard from workers who don't understand why they don't get a promotion after receiving good marks from their bosses.

Why do these people fail to get the job or the promotion? New research may explain the reason.

Zakary Tormala and Aaron Snyder of the Stanford Graduate School of Business say their study reveals that when people are considering the pros and cons of a decision, their ambivalence makes them less likely to take action or be persuaded by someone. They explain that even a bit of negative information -- outweighed by positive points -- can tip the scales toward the negative.

I think this certainly backs up the opinion of many career experts that you want to ensure your interviewer or your boss don't have any doubts about you when it comes to making a decision.

So, it's always smart to ask an interviewer: "Is there anything that concerns or confuses you about me or my skills or abilities that I can address?"

Or, with a boss, you can ask: "Is there anything concerning you about me or my ability to do the job?"

You want to make sure that you're there to turn those negative opinions into positive ones. Make sure you show how any stumbles you might have had make you a better job candidate or worker because you've grown from the experience and will be able to put your learning to good use for the company and the boss.

What are some other ways to address negative information about you?

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