Wednesday, December 20, 2017

4 Signs That You're A Toxic Boss

There has been much written lately about sexual assaults and sexual discrimination in the workplace, and many people have lost their jobs because of it.

But that doesn't mean abuse of workers has been stopped or that all bad bosses are going to be shown the door.

There are still plenty of bad bosses out there, doing their damage in workplaces both big and small. These bosses are the ones who belittle employees. They are snide, rude and often are very consumed with their own self-worth. They are emotionally immature and overconfident of their abilities. 

What this means is that they could care less about an employee who may be struggling with a personal problem or having difficulties with a work project. These bosses are so determined to succeed that they put any empathy on the back burner and instead focus on their own self worth. In fact, these bad bosses are probably not being held accountable for their despicable behavior because they are delivering results.

While there are signs that more companies are not willing to tolerate such toxic bosses, getting rid of them isn't going to happen overnight. But change is coming. So, if you're in a management role, it's time you assessed your own behavior to determine if you need to improve. 

Signs you may be a bad boss include:

·        Making someone feel small. “Good try,” or “I didn’t expect you to be able to handle that,” are not encouraging, but focus on weaknesses.
·        Remaining silent. By withholding information or feelings, it becomes impossible to have an open and meaningful relationship with others.
·       Making personal judgments.  If you judge the individual, and not the performance, then you make yourself look like a big shot, while making the other person seem worthless.
·        Trivializing. You forget to show up for an appointment with an employee, cut off a conversation with “that’s enough” or dismiss some important personal event in an employee’s life. That makes the person feel a keen lack of respect.

      Over the holiday break, take time to assess whether the behavior you show at work would be tolerated by your friends or family. If not, it could be time to make some changes so that your toxic behavior is left behind.

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