Monday, December 4, 2017

5 Reasons to Attend the Office Holiday Party That You May Not Have Considered

Have you started plotting your excuse to get out of the holiday party yet?

You've got malaria.

Your dog ate all your clothes.

Your great-grandmother is expected to die on the day of the party. (Even though she died before you were born).

Some people truly dread the office holiday celebration, for a bunch of different reasons. I don't really care why you don't want to go (believe me, I've had my share of reasons), but it's important that you attend.

Since I know that you can come up with many reasons why you don't want to go and shouldn't have to, I'm going to give you the reasons you must attend:

1.  Everyone will talk about you if you don't go. And it won't be nice.

2. You will miss the boss wearing an ugly holiday sweater that his Nana made for him 10 years ago. It's not meant to be ironic, by the way.

3. You won't be in any photos that will be posted on Facebook talking about what a great time was had by everyone. While the enjoyment factor may not have truly been outstanding, your absence will be noted by senior managers. (This is not a good thing).

4. The elusive IT guy you've been trying to reach for three months to fix a bug in a key client's system is at the party, and feeling very open to conversation. You missed him reciting "Oh Captain! My Captain! near the dessert table, and also therefore failed to nab his cooperation to fix a big problem for you.

5. After your boss's boss led a conga line, she was in such a jovial mood that she revealed the next big project the company  is working on. This led to her setting up future appointments with those in her conga line so that she could discuss potential assignments more in-depth during the workweek. You failed to make the party, the conga line -- and a chance to get in on a big, new exciting project that could pay off for your career.

Instead of thinking up excuses of why you don't want to attend the holiday party, think of all the things you want to accomplish this next year, and how interactions at the holiday party could go a long way in helping you achieve them. New projects, better collaboration with other departments, boosting your reputation with senior leaders -- and getting to see the ugliest holiday sweater ever -- should spur you into attending.

Have fun!

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