Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Are You Confused About Your Company's Identity?

Testing personal DNA has become quite popular, with many people trying to figure out exactly who they are – their country of origin, their race and even if what they’ve been told all their lives about their heritage is true.
Andy Cunningham says that companies need to do the same thing. Of course, an organization can’t send in a saliva sample for testing, but there are other ways to determine a company’s DNA.
That’s important, she says, because too many companies don’t have an accurate read on their DNA and so fail to correctly position themselves in the marketplace – and customersinstantly sniff out their lack of authenticity and turn away from it.
“It’s just like if you sometimes ask someone what they’re good at, they don’t really know,” Cunningham says. “Well, companies (read more here)

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VelvetJobs.com said...

Great post, I am a strong believer in having core values which are led from the top of management to ensure that everyone is crystal clear in what the companies goals and adjectives are. It's also an important message to the employees, that this is what we're doing it, how we're going to deliver it and where we believe it will take us. I know I am heading to 2018, and I look forward to that. Happy new year.