Wednesday, April 18, 2018

This is Why Your Co-Workers Don't Trust You

We all have those people at work who we don't quite trust. Maybe we can cite specific reasons behind such feelings, or maybe we can't. But what if you heard from others that the person they don't trust is you? Would you be offended? Confused? Hurt?
Most of us don't want to think of ourselves as being untrustworthy. Not only can it hurt personally, but professionally it can cause problems. Colleagues who don't trust you won't stick up for you when you need it, won't include you in big projects and may even do what they can to get you transferred -- or fired.
To avoid falling into the "untrustworthy" category, here are some things to avoid:
1. Big talk. If you make big promises and then don't deliver, your co-workers won't want to take what you say seriously.
2. Being too bossy. Dictating to others and micromanaging shows you don't trust others to do what needs to be done. Your lack of trust in them will be reciprocated.
3. Wimping out.  Don't make excuses or blame others. Step up and apologize when necessary. At the same time, stop trying to cover your behind all the time by "cc-ing" the boss on everything. It shows you don't trust your teammates and care only about protecting yourself.
5. Taking all the credit. Chances are good that even if you did great work, you were helped along the way with advice, encouragement or ideas from others. It won't diminish you to give them some kudos.
Remember that if you break someone's trust, you're going to have to work hard to regain it. Wouldn't it just be easier not to lose it in the first place?

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