Monday, December 2, 2019

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

It's that time of year again -- trying to figure out what to get a colleague for the annual gift swap (besides that giant bottle of booze in your grocery's discount aisle). Or, perhaps you want to get something for that great co-worker who has helped you out more times than you can count.

Here are some ideas for that team member on your gift list:

  1. Memberships. If your co-worker loves the local museum or zoo or wombat rescue park, you can't go wrong getting a membership so they can enjoy it whenever they need a wombat cuddle.

2. Office stuff. In a bit of irony, why not give the person in the office something from The Office? How about this Clue version of The Office:

3. Travel. Whether it's for work or pleasure, people often need something to keep all their stuff secure -- and dry. This Yeti bag may be just the thing for that co-worker who traverses the wilds of the Amazon or just needs somewhere to keep all his or her stuff while attending a conference on wombats.
4. Plants. It's been shown that greenery reduces stress, but it can be a bit difficult to go outside and enjoy nature when there's a blizzard outside. This plant is easy to grow (I have one and it has survived for the last five years with little assistance from me). It makes a great desk plant because it doesn't care who stares at it all day.

5. Charity gifts. If your co-worker makes it clear that he or she does not want anything for sustainability reasons (or simply because she is super picky and doesn't trust anyone else to choose a good gift), then think about doing good while also showing appreciation for the co-worker. A charity gift in a co-worker's name can "give back" through gifting a dairy goat or clean water to those in need.

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