Monday, November 30, 2020

3 Things You Must Know for a Job Interview These Days

When interviewing for a job these days, you need to be ready to tweak your responses so that you help an employer see how you'll not only be dependable and valuable once we all return to normalcy -- but also if you need to work remotely.

For example, an employer may ask you about how you collaborate with others, how you stay productive or how you juggle multiple demands on your time. Before the pandemic, this was pretty straightforward to answer, but now there are more subtle things the interviewer will be seeking:

1. Will you be on time to work -- even when working remotely -- or will emails go unanswered until nearly noon? Do you have a system in place to make sure that you're ready to go with the rest of the team when they need you, such as a reliable Internet connection?

2. Are you organized enough to work remotely and often on your own? Can you give an example of how you have been self-directed and delivered your work on time? Can you provide examples of your resourcefulness?

3. Are you a good communicator? This needs to come across clearly in a Zoom interview with a hiring manager. Dress professionally, have good lighting, make sure you sit up straight, look into the camera when answering and smile when appropriate. 

When the interview is over, make sure you send a follow-up email, thanking the hiring manager for the interview, restate your top qualifications and express your commitment to ensuring you're an asset to the organization -- even if you're working from your kitchen table.

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