Monday, August 30, 2021

Please Stop Using This Jargon


It's often the little things that get on our last nerve at work. The guy who heats up his stinky lunch in the office microwave. The boss who sends emails after 5 p.m. on Friday.

But according to a new study, one of the most annoying things is business jargon. According to MyPerfectResume, the most annoying jargon is:

"Giving" -- 59 percent

"I'll ping you" -- 59 percent

"Think outside the box" -- 56 percent

"Low-hanging fruit" -- 54 percent

"Reinvent the wheel" -- 53 percent

"Synergy" -- 52 percent

"Take it to the next level" -- 50 percent

"Blue sky thinking" -- 49 percent

"Bring to the table" -- 49 percent

"Touch base" -- 49 percent

"Move the needle" -- 48 percent

"Kudos" -- 47 percent

"Circle back" -- 47 percent

"Take ownership" -- 47 percent

"Raise the bar" -- 46 percent

"Win-win" -- 46 percent

"Core competency" -- 45 percent

"Empower" -- 43 percent

"Strategic partnership" -- 42 percent

"Take offline: -- 42 percent

So, if you don't want to further annoy a boss, co-worker or customer, try to use such words sparingly. If not, they may not want to circle back with you to form a strategic partnership, will not be pinging you, won't want you to move the needle and it certainly won't be a win-win.

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