Monday, August 23, 2021

Working Moms Should Feel Good About Their Choices

Being a working mother is no cakewalk. The multitasking and juggling required to raise children — with or without a partner — while also maintaining a career can be daunting at times. But perhaps one of the most challenging aspects for some women is their guilt when others criticize them for working instead of devoting themselves full-time to their children.

That criticism even comes from other women, who may hint that a nanny is the "real parent" or that moms should be at home while their children are young.

However, working moms may feel better about their choices when looking at Harvard Business School and Mount Holyoke College research, which shows that when women work, their daughters are likely to have jobs, hold supervisory duties, and earn bigger paychecks than those whose moms stayed at home.

In addition, the sons of working moms are more likely to become men that pitch in with household chores and help with caring for family members.

Courtney Henderson, 37, of Auburn, Alabama, says that when she was growing up, her father's paycheck could support the family, but her mother chose to work. Her mother worked (read more here)

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