Monday, November 22, 2021

3 Keys to Developing a Successful Career

In an ideal world, a  boss recognizes your talents and helps you develop them so that your career blossoms.

But in the real world, bosses are stressed and overworked and may not have a lot of time to look out for your career. To be honest, some of them are jerks and could care less if you're reaching your goals.

That's why it's always a good idea to have a plan when it comes to developing your own career. You are the one who is ultimately responsible -- not your colleagues, your university professors or your boss. 


Let's look at some ways you can develop your own career:

1. Make investments. Every year, put aside some money for career development, whether it's to take an class, attend a seminar or attain a certification. With so much moving online, this can be less expensive than ever before, so don't miss your chance to add to your skills.

2. Make connections. Be  more intentional about your connections, whether online or in person. Try to expand your network into areas other than your field of expertise. For example, all businesses now depend on technology to be successful -- are there tech experts you could get to know through LinkedIn or conferences in your industry? While it might be intimidating at first, most people are very generous with their knowledge when you express a genuine interest and willingness to learn.

3. Stay updated. Even if you're satisfied in your current position, are you reading job descriptions for the job you want next? You should always be aware of shifting job emphasis, how your career goals might need to be tweaked or even spot warning signs that your industry is in trouble.

Always remember to be flexible when it comes to your career. While you can have a general timeline, the pandemic has shown all of us that flexibility and resiliency are critical. Be open to making lateral moves, or working in another industry if it ultimately will give you the skills you need. 

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