Monday, April 11, 2022

Research Shows Why Your LinkedIn Photo Matters

If you're like most people, you have a lot of photos. Photos of you with your bestie. Photos from a fun weekend with your family. Probably even a few work photos from the company picnic.

You probably also have lots of selfies. Perhaps you even posted one of those selfies on your LinkedIn profile.

Did you post a photo that will get your a job -- or get your eliminated from consideration?

According to a recent survey:

  • 71% of recruiters admit they've rejected a candidate at least one because of a LinkedIn profile photo.
  • 87% of recruiters say the consider the professionalism of a profile photo a critical ranking factor.
  • 80% of LinkedIn recruiters believe that profile pictures help them get to know candidates better.
  • 95% believe a LinkedIn profile acts as a business card today.

Here are the keys to an effective LinkedIn photo:

1. Show some charisma. You want people to trust and like you. Smile while thinking of something that makes you feel happy: your dog, walking on the beach, etc. People will be attracted to the warmth they see conveyed in your photo. 

2. Be professional. Photos of you in a swimsuit with a beer, a photo that only shows half your face under a hat or a photo sitting behind the wheel of a car don't say, "I'm ready to work and be professional."

3. Quality. Only  upload well-taken photographs.

4. Show personality. It's OK to have a more "real" photo such as casually sitting or standing in front of a landmark, such as a university statue. This can help establish a connection with the viewer -- and remember to smile!

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